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How to make Cheese Flower Cream / Shop lesson video and Text

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2. After completion of the order, you will receive a order confirmation email from "Green Tables Shop". After your payment is approved, another email enclosing download link of the text sheet will be mailed.
3. The text sheet includes the password to watch the lesson video in the bottom of this page. 

[Important Notice]

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Text sheet of Cheese Flower Cream Recipe

This is a text sheet of Cheese flower cream recipe.
The cream is made with cheese, but less affected by hand temperature and stable for piping flowers. You can use this cream for cake decorations, put on biscuits or just eat themselves.
You can watch lesson video shown in the bottom of this page with a password described in the text sheet. The video includes how to make the cream, how to pipe flowers, and cake decorations.
・One (1) text sheet (PDF file) including:
 1. Recipe of Cheese Flower Cream (English)
 2. Password for lesson video "Cheese Flower Cream Tutorial"
・Lesson video consists of the following demonstrations:
 1. How to make Cheese Flower Cream
 2. Piping method of Rose
 3. Piping method of Wax flower
 4. Decoration for a cake with these flowers
1. The text sheet is in English. In the video, voice of the instructor is "Japanese" and subtitles are "English".
2. Please check "Guide for your order" page before ordering.

Price : 4,730 JPY (including tax) 

Cheese Flower Cream Tutorial / Lesson Video