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Guide for Your Order and Important Notice

Tarms and conditions
Usage of the text sheet and video

[Scope of use of the recipe]
You can use the recipe in situations such as the following.
- Simple enjoyment at home
- Making cakes as gifts
- Lesson to students (see note below. There are conditions)
- Sale of cakes made by the recipe
[Note if you're holding lesson using this cream (Lesson Conditions)]
(a) You cannot show Green Tables's text sheet and video themselves to your students in your lesson. Please make your own text if necessary.
(b) You need to specify that the cream recipe is made by Green Tables (copyright indication), for example, in your website offering the lesson or in your own text etc.
(c) Green Tables is not involved in your lesson and has no responsibility to troubles caused by the lesson. Therefore, you are supposed to hold lessons in your own responsibility and give consideration for health and safety for your students.
[Note if you're selling cakes made by the recipe]
Green Tables is not involved in your products and have no responsibility for any troubles or injury caused by the products. Please sell products on your own responsibility.
[Scope of use of the text sheet and video]
These contents are allowed to use by a person her/himself who ordered. It is strictly prohibited to copy, share, sell or upload the contents. 

Payment method

Credit card(*a)or Paypal payment is available.
(*a) The following credit cards are available :  JCB, American express, Dinners, and Discover.

Purchase process

1. See specifics of the item
Please check the detail of the item before you order especially for the contents and language of the item.
   - Contents : See item description
   - Text sheet : English
   - Video : Voice "Japanese" / Subtitles "English"
2. Ordering information
Please use English for your ordering information such as your name, address and email. The other languages are not available.
3. Download
After your payment is approved, you will receive an email with download link for the file.

Cancelling, Returns and refunds

You cannot cancel the order and return items. Also refunds is not offered unless the items has evident defects and reasonable reason. 

Handling of Personal Information